Mr. & Mrs. Wise

We didn't have any fears we knew that the property was in a good location with good schools, police department, and fairly new community.  We had been renting the house for over seven years, and thought that we may have to continue to do that.  We were also aware that Toyota Corporation was in the process of bringing in approximately four thousand jobs to the Plano Murphy Area.  So worst case scenario would have been to rent or lease the home.  We bought the home in Murphy as possibly a chance to move back to the Texas Area.  However my wife did not like the climate so meeting Team-Sohail was a good thing. We did like the fact that he communicated with the previous tenants and worked out a plan to put the house on the market for sale.  We are glad that the matter was completed.

The favorite part of working with Sohail Pirzada of Team-Sohail was excellent he kept us informed of what was taking place with the tenant and he did a wonderful job keeping us updated as what was going on with the property the tenant, yard, utilities, security of the home etc. He was very good in these areas. 

To all my friends out there I recommend Sohail Pirzada of Team-Sohail he has good communicative skills and has the ability to sell your property.   

Overall it’s a good experience.